Good lighting is not noticed…
  Good lighting enhances the designed space.

Founded to enlighten the public about the illumination possibilities, Enlighten addresses design from both a "left brain" and "right brain" perspective.

The left brain (i.e., the logical, analytical side) involves the selection of lamps, luminaires, locations, and controls.
The right brain (i.e., the emotional, impressionistic side) involves creating a particular mood or atmosphere with varying layers of lighting.

Both sides must come together for an architecturally rich yet precisely engineered outcome.

As an independent Lighting Certified consultant, Enlighten takes direction from the design team on desired effects, translating them into optimal combinations of ambient, accent, and task lighting. This layering of light levels and effects is then documented via lighting plans and equipment specifications for coordination with engineering, supply, and contracting team members.

More and more, owners, architects, designers, and engineers, are realizing the benefits of an independent lighting consultant to keep them current with recent lighting developments. Depending on a project’s objectives, Enlighten can:

Utilize new lamp source and fixture technology
Integrate innovative value-added design techniques
Recognize and meet new energy restrictions
Incorporate health and welfare issues such as Dark Sky, Light Pollution, and the aging eye

Enlighten works with you and your design team to meet a project’s design criteria, budget and time constraints and, above all, enlighten all those involved about the exciting lighting possibilities available today.

As a member of the Lumen4 lighting design group, Enlighten collaborates with other individual lighting designers. This group allows the firms to subcontract on an as needed basis to cover larger projects and to provide the best possible service to their clients. Please click on the above link for more information or the individuals’ profiles.